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Project - Confirmatory Point of Care Testing

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Confirmatory Point of Care Testing

We Provide 3 methods of confirmatory point of testing

  360° Solution – ICMR-DHR and NHM Approved

  1. Competitive lateral flow assay for detection of Hemoglobin A & Hemoglobin S.
  2. High-performance optical spectroscopy (HPOS) based test (Applicable to 5-40 years of age group) – SICKLECERT 
  3. HLPC

  Govt. of India IISc Innovation: A space in optical spectroscopy


 High Performance Optical Spectroscopy (HPOS) Testing for Sickle Cell Diagnosis

                                  100's of sample can be incubated in 15 minutes and then the sample processing needs just 2-3 seconds


  • World’s First – Economic digital screening of cases through Digital Solubility Test with >98% sensitivity and specificity.                                      
  • ICMR Validated & CDSCO Licensed 
  • Save time, effort & money. Instantly diagnose sickle cell trait vs disease at the village itself
  • Lowe total cost compared to current tests
  • Single prick (1/4th drop of blood) for Hb, screening and diagnosis
  •  Minimal training required
  •  Hemoglobinometer to estimate hemoglobin level for severity assessment, for planning immediate intervention
  • PoCT digital HPOS diagnosis implies no need for transportation of samples to city-base labs, providing same accuracy as HPLC Test but faster turnaround time. 

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